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In-depth Feature:  Gforce Oddity
Bruno writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Quality/Stability 90% .
Bang for the Buck 100% Hard to beat for the money.
Ease of Use 60% Because the original is cryptic too.
Tweakability 85% .
Sonic Sweetness 100% A dead ringer.
Overall:   87% Sonic State Editors Choice

Demos (MP3)
  • Funk Bass
  • Duo Distorted
  • Sample & Hold 1 (350Kb)
  • Sample & Hold 2 (350Kb)
  • Four-Way Morph (500Kb)
  • Lead Morph (400Kb)
  • Oddity Rez Demo (600Kb)
  • Sample & Hold Morph (650Kb)
  • Gmedia did a fantastic job when they created the Mtron virtual Mellotron, teaming up with the inventors of the outrageous Ohm force plug-ins has ensured that this product was been created with a great attention to detail, both operationally and sonically.

    At a cost of just £79.95 (€117.95/$129.95) with a printed manual and 5 banks of 64 presets, I can’t think of a reason not to own it. An original ARP Odyssey would cost between £150 and £600 secondhand, depending on model and condition and often the rather fragile sliders are either broken or missing.

    My only complaint is that they missed out the Odysseys audio input, this was a favourite aspect of both the Odyssey and the ARP 2600 and allowed some great drum, guitar and vocal sounds.

    If you have become disillusioned with the sound of modern synths and long for something to get your creative juices flowing once more, the Oddity may just be what you’re looking for. Capable of some of the fattest bass tones I have heard, even from real Moog and Roland synths, and also some of the most chaotic and original sample and hold grooves, you really can lose yourself for hours in its sonic landscapes.

    Price: £79.95/ (€117.95/$129.95)

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