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In-depth Feature:  Gforce Oddity
Bruno writes: .

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Nitty Gritty

The Oddity main screen – what you see is what you get
The Oddity is in essence a very simple synth, featuring two VCOs, capable of producing Saw, Square and Pulse waveforms, the pulse width can be modulated by a Sine LFO or the ADSR envelope, the VCOs can be synced and this sync can in turn be modulated by the ADSR envelope, Square or Saw LFO or the Sample and Hold circuit.

The filter section, which has a four-pole resonant 24db Lowpass filter and a simple Highpass filter can be modulated by Keyboard track, Sample and Hold, sine LFO, the ADSR or AR envelopes or the Ring Modulator.

Thankfully, in use the Oddity is simpler that you might imagine, the thoughtful addition of colour-coded sliders helps the user to understand much of the internal routing and the relationships between different parameters.

The synth has some basic parameters, including a 440hz tone for tuning reference, the aforementioned mono/duophonic switch, a pitchbend knob, whose range can be adjusted between 2,12 and 24 semitones and a portamento slider with a range of 0 – 1500 milliseconds.

The two VCOs have sliders for coarse and fine tune, the course tuning has a range of six octaves whilst fine tuning allows adjustment of + or – one semitone, selection of VCO waveform is performed unusually at the audio mixer, rather than near the oscillator.

Both VCOs feature FM and PWM, the sources of the Frequency modulation can be a Sine or Square LFO, or the ADSR Envelope or Sample and Hold Mixer, a combination of two of these sources can be used allowing a vast array of sounds even from just one VCO. The VCOs also feature PWM with adjustable source, amount and width; the source is switchable between Sine LFO and the ADSR envelope.

Additionally, VCO 2 has a Sync on/off switch, which causes the two Oscillators to be phase synced, regardless of whether they are generating similar waveshapes. The result is that the harmonic sound of VCO 2 can be adjusted against that of VCO 1, rather than the actual pitch.

VCO 1 also features a Keyboard on/off switch, putting this in the off position lowers the frequency of VCO 1 to below that of the human hearing range, enabling its use as an additional LFO which can be used via the Sample and Hold module.

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