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In-depth Feature:  Gforce Oddity
Bruno writes: .

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The Oddity arrives on CD and contains installations for Windows and both Mac OS classic and OS X, a serial number in the manual is your unique authorization code, and within minutes you are up and running. An update is included for Mac users running older versions of the Mac Carbon Library, but after a quick restart you should have no trouble in getting going.

Included on the CD are 5 sound banks, each containing 64 Presets, a sixth bank is made available upon registration with the Gmedia website. These preset banks are interchangeable between Mac and PC, so sharing your sounds is not a problem.

To run the Oddity you will need either a Pentium III PC with any current Windows version and 64 MB of available Ram or a Power Mac G4 running OS 8.6 or above and similar available memory. Additionally you will need a VST compatible sequencer, such as Logic or Cubase, although Gforce intend to release an RTAS version for Digidesigns Protools and a MAS version for MOTUs Digital Performer very soon.

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