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In-depth Feature:  Vermona Perfourmer
Nick B writes: .

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Vermona have done a cracking job with the Perfourmer, it’s very sturdily constructed with heavy steel knobs with a positive feel that inspire a certain amount of confidence under severe tweak-o-madness unlike many other mass made synths. While I’ve had this unit, it’s been a truly hands on experience with me mostly hands on the unit rather than actually writing the review! It’s actually quite addictive. My only gripes are the lack of filter modes plus it’s quite hard to tune the oscillators when working in poly mode, so be prepared for some strange sounding chords. Vermona are a small manufacturer and it’s really quite an achievement to bring a product like this to market at such an attractive price.

Other similarly priced synths do have more to offer in the way of DSP and MIDI, the Korg microKorg for instance and Novations K-Station, but the Perfourmer gives you good old fashioned knob twiddling with real analogue sound generation and is capable of some pretty weird and wonderful sounds. If you're into analogue then you really should give this one a whirl.

Price: +/- £600 , Euro 929, US$995 +/-

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