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In-depth Feature:  Vermona Perfourmer
Nick B writes: .

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As if this wasn’t enough, the oscillators can be set to modulate on another using the FM button. Effectively this allows you to modulate the VCO and VCF of one with the frequency of the other, giving ring-mod type tones and various unpredictable and complex dirty sounds. I found this was a good remedy to the lack of pulse-width modulation although somewhat easier to create the bizzarre than the beautiful. Channel 1 modulates ch 2, ch 2 modulates ch 3 etc.

On The Test Bench
On the face of it Perfourmer doesn’t appear to be an exciting synth, with the seemingly simple single synth channel taken on it’s own you could be forgiven for wondering what it had to offer. But digging deeper and getting out some of those short patch chords opens up a world of synthesis that can make the hours fly by. In terms of sound, to my ears the raw VCOs don’t provide super deep bass that you might expect from say a Moog but that’s no great hardship. I suppose it could be likened to a Korg Mono/Poly in some ways, which also has four individual oscillators. Although it has individual LFO’s and Envelopes though of course sadly no Pulse Width. Complex multi-oscillator sounds with Frequency modulation are where things begin to get more interesting, with just two synth modules it is possible to make some fairly mad sounds. One area I did find wanting was with the filter, I know these things are often very subjective, but as mentioned before, I think multi-mode filters would really help here, I would gladly sacrifice the key track knob in favour of filter mode switching – but perhaps that’s just me.

But there’s no denying it, when you start to pile up all four oscillators you can coax some pretty amazing sounds from the Perfourmer, especially if you detune the oscillators and experiment with the FM modulation.

Perfourmer is very much a hands on instrument with more than a nod to modular synthesis. Obviously it doesn’t have memories but that’s something that you’ll just have to live with - remember to record what you do as you may never be able to do it again! The Performour comes with 10 good old fashioned card overlays to scribble your favourite settings for later recall should you need to.

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