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In-depth Feature:  Vermona Perfourmer
Nick B writes: .

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One For The Mode
The Perfourmer can be used in a number of cunning ways.
  • UNI - Four oscillator monosynth
  • POLY- Four voice polysynth or as 4 independent monos on separate MIDI channels.
  • DUO- Two duophonic synths

    To change mode, hold the Mode/MIDI button down and then select one of the 3 labelled TRIG buttons for your preferred combination.

    The mode button also doubles as MIDI channel select for each synth. Press once, the orange MIDI LED lights, now you can assign each synth it’s own MIDI channel. Again, this is very simple – select your MIDI channel from the 16 position knob, then press the relevant synths TRIG button to assign one or more to that channel – it’s a piece of cake.

    There’s one more function for the TRIG button and that’s unsurprisingly used to trigger notes on the synth – essentially as if you were pressing a MIDI note on the keyboard. However, by using the MIDI CH select knob you can choose from a variety of note sequences to audition your sounds. These are all well and good but Vermona could’ve popped a few radical patterns in here to make it a bit more useful.

    The Old In Out
    Each synth channel also features patching points for use with internal (from other synth channels) and/or external signals. The patch points use stereo jacks to give you more I/O from limited connections, which is a cool feature and gives you a number of routing possibilities.

    The top jack is labelled in/VCO out and allows you to patch an external signal into the synth channel post VCO so it can be modified by the VCA, ENV and Filter processes and is accessed by pushing a mono jack partially in so it makes contact with the first connection – it’s kind of hard to explain but really obvious in use. The VCO out sends the VCO signal, untreated but with any pitch or FM modulation for patching into any other synth channel. For example, in UNI mode you can patch each VCO or synth OUT into the next channel which will give you the filter and ENV controls of the last synth applied to all voices.

    The lower jack is labelled OUT/Insert and sends the signal post processing including the final output level of the synth channel. You can also patch a footpedal or other effect Kaoss Pad etc across this out put to bring it back into the final output, again once you are in full boffin with patchchords mode this is actually quite useful. Not only that, but you can process four mono signals via the patchpoints and use the Perfourmer as a filterbank. Additionally, there are also two more external inputs on the rear panel which route to synth channels that have EXT selected in the VCO wave.

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