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In-depth Feature:  Korg microKORG
Korg’s new mini synth is small but is it perfectly formed?
Rob G writes: .

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The first thing you notice about Korg's new microKORG is the styling. In keeping with the analogue modelling that forms the heart of the beast, large knobs, mini-keyboard and wood-effect end panels conspire to produce a casing reminiscent to synths from an earlier era. It’s not a large synth by any stretch – it does fit neatly on top of a 19inch rack or cluttered desktop. The unit is described in the blurb as being aimed at the DJ or computer based musician and can be powered either from the supplied standard 9-volt wall wart or by six AA batteries. The unit also comes with a flexible goose-neck type condenser mic for use with the vocoder.

Around the back, there’s headphones, L+R plus MIDI In, Out and Thru plus two audio inputs – input 1 takes the supplied mic on minijack, with an alternative 1/4inch jack for dynamic mic input and input 2 takes a standard jack line input. Both inputs have gain controls.

Inside the cute case, the microKORG packs considerable punch - a 4 voice polyphonic analogue modelling synth and flexible vocoder with virtual patching, 128 presets, effects engine, step arpeggiator and a surprisingly complete MIDI implementation. This synth engine is the same one used in the MS-2000 and can therefore accomplish much of the same level of synthesis as it’s bigger brother.

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