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In-depth Feature:  Access Virus Indigo TDM
Access have taken the soft option, Bruno Ellingham finds out how it compares to the real thing
Bruno writes: .

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In 1997 German based Access Music released the Virus A synth, aimed at the same area of the market as Clavia’s Nord Lead and Roland’s JP-8000, the Virus was an instant hit due to its extremely fat sounding oscillators and filters. Since then we have seen various incarnations, including the limited edition 3 octave Indigo synth and a release of the original Virus as a TDM Plug-in for Digidesigns Protools software.

Now, with the release of the Virus C audio engine, a new mass produced Indigo is upon us, both as the sexy 3 octave Indigo 2 and the Virus Indigo TDM Plug-in. To see just how faithful the TDM version is, we were sent an real-life Indigo 2 for comparison, find out how they fared….

Essentially Indigo (both hard and soft), is a 3 oscillator synth, with sub oscillator, noise generator and ring modulator, with two linkable multimode filters, 3 LFOs and a saturation stage for overdrive and distortion effects. The Indigo also features Phaser, Chorus, Reverb and Delay effects as well as a stereo input for filtering or vocoding external sounds.

There is also a very versatile Arpeggiator with MIDI clock or internal sync, a wealth of preset patterns and an adjustable swing function.

A maximum of 8 instances of Indigo are available, each with up to 20 voices, which will max out one chip. You can however divide these voices up between up to 8 sub-channels for multitimbral operation. With a beefy MixPlus system you could run up to 160 voices, although you won’t have much DSP left to actually mix them!

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