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In-depth Feature:  The Life of Brian AKA BT
Nick B writes: .

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Questions, Questions...

BT’s Logic Screenshot
click on image to enlarge
SS: You are known to favour Logic Audio for writing; obviously people would be very interested in how you set it up, can you supply us with a screen grab of your Autoload for us to scrutinize?
 BT: Sure – (see screen grab)

SS: Obviously we’re all interested in your current setup. If your complete gear list is too much, perhaps you could outline your particular favourites and why? I’d be very interested to know your thoughts on any VST instruments and/or plug-ins you find indispensable and likewise any hardware synths.
 BT: G4 running pro tools 24-bit (not –ProTools|HD), Kyma, boatloads of soft synths and plug-ins. That's the basics of what I work with. I hardly use hardware keyboards anymore, but the ones I do use are the arp-2600, Jp8000 and the Virus C.

SS: What’s the first thing you reach for when you wake up inspired in the middle of the night?
 BT: Acoustic guitar

SS: What is your current favourite studio item and why?
 BT: My dog, because if stuff I'm working on is really good she'll hang out and if not, she'll leave the room.

SS: What’s your most recent gear acquisition?
 BT: The Roland kit that's not out yet (V-Synth?) and it's sick as hell.

SS: You get the call to join an analog jam session - you can take or ask for, any analog instrument you want - what is it?
 BT: An Arp-2600 or an EMS VCS-3

SS: Your work rate is legendary, I imagine it’s hard drop it and get away from it all – what do you do besides music to relax and regroup.
 BT: Yoga, work out, scuba dive

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