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In-depth Feature:  Celemony Melodyne Studio 1.5
Software that makes editing the pitch and timing of audio as easy as editing Midi data
Fat Elvis writes: .

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In The Beginning
At the tender age of twelve, being the only high school student in my class of 30 not invited to join the school choir left me with mental scars still too raw to contemplate and the growing realisation that despite my finely chiselled matinee idol looks, thrusting hips and a twinkle in the eye that would have driven the girls crazy, I was destined never to be the next Presley. True, I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and what notes that started with any resemblance at all to the correct pitch warbled so wide of the mark by the end that they could have been in entirely different key. Revenge, of course had to be on the agenda and I vowed that one day my voice would be appreciated by millions. That day may have come at last with the Melodyne software from Celemony that ought to be able to take a voice like a duck's fart and turn it into a swan-like thing of beauty...

Melodyne is a software package that provides a completely new approach to audio material, it can analyse the pitch and time of a piece of monophonic audio and, using a process known as local sound synthesis, allow you to totally manipulate those and plenty of other parameters completely independent of each other, it's almost as easy to move real audio notes in time and change their pitch as it is with Midi notes in a sequencer. The applications for this technology are many including finely tuning the pitch of vocals, creation of multiple harmonies and double tracking from a single vocal part and the creation of new melodies from an old one, not to mention the linear movement, stretching or shortening of notes or percussion loops to tighten up timing/phrasing or to fit a new tempo.

Melodyne is a stand-alone program for Mac and PC and comes as the full Studio Edition (as per this review) or a less expensive cut down version known as Cre8 (see info box). Installation is very straightforward, Melodyne has to be registered with Celemony before use, but the emailing process is painless and swift and you get your unique registration number in less than a minute.

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