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In-depth Feature:  Universal Audio UAD-1
A highly desirable DSP effects engine with unique vintage analogue simulations"
Rob G writes: .

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For Starters
Universal Audio have built a reputation for their class A mic amps and vintage 1176 compressor remakes. The UAD-1 represents a departure for them into the world of DSP-based audio processing.

Utilising a powerful custom-built DSP running at over 1 GHz, the UAD-1 can offer quite an audio-processing punch. Add out-of-the-box simulations of the 1176 and other analogue equipment, from a company renowned for their hardware implementations, and the package begins to sound compelling.

Many of the supplied UAD-1 powered plug-ins feature Universal Audio's unique analogue modelling. According to UA these provide much closer accuracy to the behaviour and sound of the original equipment.

What You Get
The UAD-1 provides a number of plug-ins in the box. Universal Audio have a reputation for high-quality equipment, and the plug-ins provided prove no disappointment. The following plug-ins are provided:

  • Kind of Loud Technologies' RealVerb Pro.
  • 1176 LN (tm) Limiting Amplifier.
  • CS-1 Channel Strip (including parametric EQ, Compressor, Delay Modulator, and Reflector components also available as separate plug-ins).
  • Nigel Guitar Processor (including amplifier and cabinet modelling, gate/compressor, phaser, mod filter, tremelo/fade and echo).
  • Pultec EQP-1A Program Equalizer.

    With the exception of the RealVerb Pro, all plug-ins are provided as analogue-style panels, often faithfully reproducing the original hardware. The RealVerb Pro, licensed from Kind of Loud Technologies, offers a sophisticated reverb with control over room shape, materials, resonance, timing, levels, positioning and morphing.

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