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In-depth Feature:  Emagic Waveburner Pro 2.2
Waveburner Pro is a brilliant program for pulling your tracks together…. Anyone who makes music on a Mac ought to have this installed.
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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Time was when only record company signed artistes got to make CD's but now with the wonders of modern technology we can all burn our own CD's and inflict our rabid warblings on the world. Regardless of the style and quality of the actual music, however, presenting it in a cohesive form, fully mastered and with sonic integrity has to be the way to go, and what better way to take care of all that than with a self-contained mastering and CD burning package that includes waveform editing and the application of mastering style processing.

Emagic's Waveburner Pro is just such a thing. It's a Mac only application that is used for compiling and burning CD's to the Red book standard which can then be used as production masters. Level balancing, fades and crossfades between tracks can all be carried out and the sound can be further refined with plug-in mastering effects, either those that are provided as an integral part of the program or VST compatible plug-ins from third parties. Waveburner Pro also supports CD Text for anyone who cares to use it to add information such as track titles or even gratuitous insults for the listener (my favourite app – Ed) for those CD players that support text.

System Requirements
Earlier versions of Waveburner Pro were a bit limited as to which CD drives could be used with the program, the built-in Macintosh drives were a no-no for a start, but version 2.2 now supports those internal Atapi drives, turning any suitably equipped Mac into a self-contained mastering and burning system. All SCSI or FireWire devices which support the Multi Media Command Standard (MMC or SCSI-3) are supported plus a comprehensive selection of older drives which are listed on Emagic's website ( As far as the computer goes, a G4 will do nicely, but the minimum requirement is a PPC 604e/200 MHz running Mac OS 8.6 or above with 96MB of RAM, although you'll also need plenty of hard drive space for the audio files (possibly up to 850MB per album project and a similar amount to create a disk image). QuickTime 4.x is a requirement for MP3 files.

Waveburner Pro can be used with just the Apple Soundmanager but for serious work support is included for any soundcards that use ASIO drivers, Emagic's own Audiowerk cards and Digidesign hardware via Direct I/O.

Most users of Waveburner Pro will probably already have their master recordings available as stereo audio files that can be imported in via a menu or dragged and dropped from the finder, but there is also the very useful facility to record audio directly into the program via your soundcard or the Mac audio input. Mono and stereo audio files can be handled, the formats supported being SDII (interleaved and split stereo), AIFF, WAV and also MP3 - which is automatically converted to the 16 bit/44.1kHz standard on import. Any other material not at 44.1kHz is automatically dithered immediately prior to CD burning, so 24/96kHz files retain their resolution up to the very last moment.

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