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In-depth Feature:  IK Multimedia Amplitube
Amplitube - King of Krunch +More
Bruno writes: .

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Altnerative Rock
There are currently a great deal of hardware amp simulators available, the Line 6 range starts with the Line6 Pod recording channel at around $249 (street), or the Pod Pro at $599 (street), both of these can run with Emagic’s Sound Diver librarians and a vast amount of presets are available to download from the internet. As for software versions, Amp Farm also from Line6 costs around $595 but is only available for TDM Protools systems. Amplitube at approximately $399 – list, seems like an absolute steal, for this you get TDM, RTAS and VST support so users of both Protools and VST based Logic or Cubase can enjoy the benefits.


Amplitube MP3 Demos
ACC Gtr Picked
Acc with 60s Mod & Spring
Ambient Drum mic Clean
Ambient Drum mic Dist
Driven 808
Tape Echo Kit

You can't beat a good sounding distortion plug-in and as a Protools user this is something we have been lacking for ages, Digidesigns Lofi just isn't versatile enough and you already know my feelings about Amp Farm. Amplitube fills a gap which desperately needed filling so I have to give this product top marks. For Logic and Cubase users this is also a great leap forward, and the addition of Stomp boxes, EQ and extra Delay and Reverb create a product that will find a use no matter what music you are making.

I'd like to have a complaint or two, maybe a suggestion for potential upgrades, but apart from my complaint about the Stomp pedals on/off automation, I really can't think of a way in which I could see this product improved.

IK Multimedia: Amplitube
Price: $399 / 439 Euros
Formats: VST,RTAS, MAS and TDM - all as single product.

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