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In-depth Feature:  IK Multimedia Amplitube
Amplitube - King of Krunch +More
Bruno writes: .

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With amps modelled on classic Fender, Marshall, Vox and Mesa-Boogie products, the range of sounds available is massive, using the Amp/Cabinet matching facility to find a starting point then turning this off to try different combinations of EQ, amp and cabinet enables endless tweaking possibilities. The sounds are all strong and the Post FX Parametric EQ allows a level of tone control normally available only with the use of more plug-ins.

Most parameters can be automated allowing a guitar performance to be altered as the track plays the automation is smooth and no digital sound is audible even when switching pre amp models and changing the whole setup.

If I have a complaint it is that the stomp boxes on/off switches cannot be automated, so the classic stamping on the overdrive to introduce the chorus effect is not possible without recording your sounds to disk.

In use, Amplitube is a very viable alternative to an actual amp/microphone setup, as a writing tool it is invaluable allowing tracks to be written with more depth to their sound than if you only own a 15-watt practice amp and an old dynamic mic. But it doesn't stop there, as a mixing tool Amplitube can be used on anything, drums, bass, keyboards and vocals all gain from a bit of drive and tone shaping and some extreme effects can be made without losing the dynamic or quality of the original sound, unless you really want to.

I love distorting drums, and Amplitube has become my new tool of choice for this, from beefing up limp drum machine loops to adding distortion and harmonics to live kit sounds, this really is a very powerful plug-in.

The combination of stomp box, amp and post fx can be used to make very realistic simulations of other effects, some send and insert patches are included with the software and it is possible to create a very convincing tape delay model.

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