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In-depth Feature:  IK Multimedia Amplitube
Amplitube - King of Krunch +More
Bruno writes: .

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Post FX

Amplitude Post Effects first class
The Post FX Module is really there to enable finishing touches to be added to your sound, it features a 3 band parametric EQ, a stereo delay, with panning multi-tap options and a stereo hall type reverb, although the spring reverb on the Amp module is one of the best modelled reverbs I have heard.

Sonic Sweetness
I have never been a big fan of Amp Farm, as a 'traditional' engineer, I am rather biased in my belief that if you want a good guitar sound, you get a good guitar, a good amp and microphone and you record it properly. The idea that a piece of software can achieve something I know you learn from experience and experiment is something I find rather hard to swallow.

But, I can understand that this is not an option available to everyone and have, more often than I care to admit turned to the convenience of a Line6 Pod for recording or Amp Farm for adding a different tone to sounds during a mix. As you can tell this is not something I really enjoy.

Amplitube has, to an extent, changed this. Not having a proper guitar amp at home it was quite a revelation to find I could actually plug directly into my laptop and create a convincing guitar sound. The various amp models gave a good sense of the sound you would expect from their hardware counterparts and playing felt natural without off-putting latency problems. The included presets are all very useable, with options for both lead and rhythm sounds in clean or dirty flavours.

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