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In-depth Feature:  IK Multimedia Amplitube
Amplitube - King of Krunch +More
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The Amp

Ladies and Gentlemen – the Amp
This is the heart of it all, featuring 7 pre-amp models, 5 EQ models, 4 power amp models and 9 cabinet models, in addition to a Tremolo and Spring Reverb, the list of combinations is massive, add to this a choice of Dynamic or Condenser microphone, and 4 different mic positions and you have 1,260 new ways to record or process your sound.

A useful feature of this module is the Amp Match/Cabinet Match feature, which links together the various combinations so that selecting for instance a 'Vintage Clean' pre-amp will automatically select the most appropriate EQ circuit, power amp and cabinet to create a Vox AC-30 model. Very useful for quickly trying different amps, before finding the correct one to tweak. If only we could afford this option with hardware!

The Stomp Boxes

Stomp on me baby…
As its name suggests, this module emulates some of the classic pedals to be found in most guitarists’ setups. As in real life, it actually comes first in the signal chain although a switch has been included to place it after the Amp Module if required.

The Pedals are, a Vintage Wah Pedal, this features manual or auto wah types, the former with a fixed cut-off frequency and the latter working more like an envelope follower. Next is an Analog Delay, which has level, delay and feedback controls. The delay is adjustable from 2ms to one second and the feedback sound quality degrades as it fades out, as you would expect from a real pedal. A Chorus pedal is also here, this works well as both a chorus and vibrato and sounds rather warm and 60's. Additionally the Flanger pedal can create anything from subtle chorus to quite extreme flanging effects. Finally there is a trusty Overdrive pedal, apparently modelled after one of the most acclaimed overdrive stomp boxes ever made, suggestions as to which one is anyones’, but its position pre the Amp Module means you really can boost the level and overdrive your amp into juicy distortion.

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