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In-depth Feature:  IK Multimedia Amplitube
Amplitube - King of Krunch +More
Amplitube can be used on anything, I really can't think of a way in which I could see this product improved.
Bruno writes: .

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Software Amp Modelling is not a new idea, from the original 'Red Valve it' VST plug-in to the current king of the castle, the Line 6 Amp Farm TDM plug-in, the search for a great guitar sound without the need for amps or microphones has taxed many a programmers talents.

At a time when Line 6 can seemingly do no wrong, they now make an actual amp that models other amps, along comes a product from the growing IK Multimedia group which is, at last, a real contender for the Amp Farm crown.

Amplitube, is not just another piece of guitar amp modelling software, it offers such a diverse range of possibilities that this is one of the most useful plug ins you could hope to find. The Plug in is divided into three parts, the Amp Module, the Stomp Module, and a final Post FX Module.

The plug-in is available for VST, RTAS and TDM platforms, installation is straightforward and authorization is via a digital code, generated by your computer, a Serial number and an authorization code available from the Amplitube website. It will run in demo mode whilst you await your codes, but static noise is audible every 20 seconds or so.

The only thing to be aware of is that a large amount of memory is used, to successfully run the TDM version in Protools, I needed to assign 130mb of RAM to my audio driver! The same was true of the RTAS version running with a Digidesign Mbox on a Powerbook G4, although what you get for your extra RAM is the ability to plug a guitar directly in and play.

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