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In-depth Feature:  Korg Kaoss Pad 2
If you like to do nasty things to sound in the privacy of your studio - you need one of these.
Nick B writes: .

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But First
Korg scored a hit with the Kaoss Pad 1 released in ’99. It’s not surprising really, inspiring technology is hard to find. The Kaoss Pad not only fulfilled its designated roll as a DJs performance effects unit but found favour amongst various studio boffins and musicians from every genre. The tactile X-Y pad gave a whole new dimension to realtime control bringing elements of performance to the previously static world of effects processing. Those working to picture were happy easily translating what they saw to Kaoss pad movements instinctively.

For all the KP1’s inspirational qualities, Korg clearly felt that the Kaoss Pad could be improved. With the Kaoss Pad 2 they’ve added more control, effects and memory.

What's A Kaoss Pad?
According to the box, Korg modestly describe it as a “Dynamic Effect/Controller”. I’d say that’s a little of an understatement – not a critisism one can usually level at the marketing department of any hi tech manufacturer. For starters, the KP2 features sampling, a phono (turntable) preamp and a mic input – as well as a broad array of effect algorithms controllable from the X-Y pad. The concept of the KAOSS Pad is brilliantly simple – as you move your finger around the pad you are controlling many sophisticated aspects of the powerful effects processor hidden under its glowing case. The ‘pad’ part of the Kaoss bears an uncanny resemblance to a large mousepad – although the KP2 sports colourful under pad lighting, which would have any self-respecting rodent strutting it’s stuff in no time.

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