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In-depth Feature:  M-Audio Studiophile BX8 + SP-8S
Nick B writes:
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    How Do They Sound
    Words like impressive, vibey and loud spring to mind. They have a good chunky quality to them. For creating rhythm tracks and jamming they were inspiring - I could easily turn them up and wig out without causing any pain. In this respect they are somewhat forgiving, not like my trusty NS10Ms which can be fairly painful at high levels if the mix ain’t right. Having said that, when mixing, I did find the energy in the upper mids and top end a little overpowering and had to check on other speakers for clarification, though this is something I would normally do. As is sometimes the case with bi-amped systems there can be some fuzziness around the crossover point and that is where I found the detail harder to interpret.

    Trouser Flapping
    The SP-8S can add considerably more energy down below and doesn’t exhibit the bass delay – ie: low end arrives a little late that some active and sub combos can be guilty of. It really brings the system to life and with all the extra filtering control the SP-8S has to offer you should find a setting that suits your needs.

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