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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.0
Reason 2.0 Good To Be True?
Bruno writes: .

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Get Your Tweak On
Reason is endlessly tweakable, the automation is very simple to use, simply drop into record and start moving things. Whole mixes really can be done within this one piece of software, although I would love to see a VST effects shell so you could insert your favourite plugs from other applications.

The save options allow you to self-contain songs, this means that all samples used can be saved within a song file, so you don’t have to rely on having external library’s connected, this is very useful if you wish to send a song to another user to work on.

Reason 2 is a great improvement on version 1, the new sequencer makes editing much easier and arrangements can now be navigated with ease no matter how large.

Maelstrom and the NN-XT are fantastic new modules, I look forward to the continuing development of this product to see what they come up with next.

Unfortunately, although audio hardware support has always been good, I feel a lack of support for Digidesigns DAE will always keep Reason in the bedroom. If Reason communicated via Direct Connect to the Pro Tools mixing environment or even better via the Hardware interface direct to 64 outputs of Digidesign 888s then this product really would be king.

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