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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.0
Reason 2.0 Good To Be True?
Bruno writes: .

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Maelstrom is a different thing altogether, a totally new syntheisis type developed by Propellerheads. This Graintable synth utilises a combination of Granular and Wavetable synthesis to produce a vastly tweakable module capable of a huge array of sounds from sweeping pads to solid bass, all with unique characteristics.

A great feature of Maelstrom is the addition of filter audio inputs, so you can pass any sound through the filter and shaper section, used to give extra character to drum patterns and loops, this really is a tool capable of some extreme effects.

24-Bits Are Here
Reason always sounded good, but now it is possible to playback 24bit audio samples, although this uses extra processing power.

The included sound library is very comprehensive, covering most modern styles of music. It is also possible to download library’s, or refills, from the internet. Due to the success of Reason 1.0 there is a large amount of these available. It is especially worth checking out, as here you can find not only sounds but also utilities and links to other sites.

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