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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.0
Reason 2.0 Good To Be True?
Whole mixes really can be done within this one piece of software
Bruno writes: .

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Reason 2 is with us at last, with a restructured sequencer and two cracking new modules the groundbreaking software package moves gracefully from strength to strength.

For those of you not familiar with Reason yet, it is a software sequencer based around a rack of virtual studio gear; samplers, synths and drum machines team up with a 14 channel mixer and selection of commonly used effects boxes. Patching is achieved through the use of virtual patch cords, which even wobble when the rack is turned around. Everything is automatable and editing is straightforward, so your time can be spent being creative rather than struggling with confusing operating systems.

The ability to use software instruments within a native sequencer package has always been a great option, the benefits of improved timing and access to plug-in processing enables creativity often beyond that of hardware alternatives.

Most software instruments come as an addition to packages such as Logic or Cubase, with Reason Propellerheads changed this and put the instruments first.

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