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In-depth Feature:  Cakewalk SONAR 2.0
Rob G writes: .

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DirectX Processors
The XL version of Sonar 2.0 comes bundled with two automatable effects from Sonic Timeworks. This functions as a parametric equaliser with 6 sections, each providing frequency, gain and Q controls, in addition to low cut and high cut controls. A graphic mode is provided that allows adjusting the EQ by moving a curve rather than adjusting controls and when in this mode a 30-stage spectrum analyser really helps see what you’re up to. Overall, the EQ sounds very good – boosting particular frequencies manages to do so nicely without introducing unpleasant artefacts. The plug-in can be run in "clean" mode or "vintage" mode for warmer results.

Second, the CompressorX plugin provides a decent compressor. This time, however, the effect does not have such a clean interface, but a bit of tweaking can produce impressive results - including emulation of the artefacts of analogue compressors.

Unfortunately, documentation for the two plug-ins is installed as separate PDF files, making it somewhat awkward to reference while using the plug-in. Either integration with Sonar’s on-line help, or printed copies would be a great improvement.

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