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In-depth Feature:  Magix Music Studio 7.0
Scott Kinnebrew writes: .

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Audio Studio
The Audio Studio as named, is designed to work with audio files. It has a familiar flavour, a particular way of working that hasn’t been offered before at this price, and on a deeper level giving its users the ability to manipulate audio in a new and unique way.

Audio Studio allows its users 64 stereo tracks to work with (96 in the deluxe version), with each track allowing placement of any number of samples or audio files. Each object (sample, audio file) has it’s own object editor, which allows not only pans and fades, but effects (built-in, DirectX and VST), pitch bend and time-stretching. This is slightly different approach compared to most audio sequencers, in that the effects apply to each object, not just per track. MAGIX is giving it’s users the ability to use all 64/96 stereo tracks, which is more than enough once you figure out that your not limited to 1 exclusive loop or sample per track. You can load any sample anywhere in the tracks of the program. So 96 stereo tracks don’t limit you to the use of only 96 samples. The only limitation is that you can only play 96 voices at one particular moment.

Many parameters are accessible directly from the sample object with a simple click and drag of the parameter box inside the object. Combining that with the non-destructive in-program wave editing, there is almost no limit as to what you can do in the Audio Studio. This ‘click-and drag’ editing is a bit different to what most have come accustomed to in the past working in this particular type of setting, but it is a nice change. The ability to manipulate samples and loops while in this mode is a real treat, one that takes a bit of getting used to. But once you do, you might not ever want to go about it any other way. I was surprised not to find an accompanying library of loops and samples. The only loops or samples are those that came with the program in the tutorial, and that's only a few. So if you don't have a bunch of loops and samples that you have already gathered, you can always get creative and jump into the midi studio and make your own – or just use the money you saved buying Music Studio 7 to buy some.

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    hmooa    Said...

    that is really a good program

    26-Aug-07 10:26 AM

    AB MOSLEY PINE.TV    Said...

    I was mislead into buying a magix studio program, and had to buy a new computer to make it work, Also I would not buy a program where I have to disable the cookies, which invites all their -friends- into to crash it. is there an inboard metronome HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    31-Dec-07 05:12 PM

    a from the manch of g    Said...

    i have the audio studio 2004 edition (4.0) and i think it works really well

    04-Jan-08 08:19 PM

    Mushu, DJ to be    Said...

    I got MAGIX with a midi cable puchase that was made for an early birthday present.

    I Got to say that I was blown away.

    The interface reminded me a lot of ACID, SONY's music editing software.

    And MAGIX midi studio is not just limited to midis, it can do audio files mixed to MP3's as well!

    As a familiar to ACID, the interface came naturally to me.

    The studio controls my keyboard fantastically, although my keyboard is limited to four channels ( >_< stupid CTK-533.)

    The virtual instrument sounds are actually determined by your computer's sound card, and so only sounds good with good cards.

    The audio loops make it easy to make a mix to suit your style, talk about digital DJ.

    The only con is that in the monitor, there is only a hard drive access indicator.

    Audio studio is also awesome, although I am not fully familiar with it, but from what I have seen, it is LOADED with functions, and is almost pro-level quality.

    In my scale of Blue to Red (red being the worst,) it is definately worth the blue CD it came on.

    26-Mar-08 07:40 AM

    Mushu, DJ to be    Said...

    To be exact, the blue CD was a software package that is a standard for MIDI keyboards, but the product version I have is good enough for me!

    26-Mar-08 07:45 AM

    James    Said...

    Music studio 7 has found its way onto my computer via the Magix audio cleaning lab. Windows cannot open the files to uninstall it. please advise me how to do so. E-mail

    05-Oct-09 01:17 PM

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