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In-depth Feature:  Novation K-Station
Nick B writes: .

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Most new synths seem to have one these days and the K is no exception. This arpeggiatior doesn’t do anything too fancy just the usual up/down/up and down/random selection. It syncs to external MIDI and will allow triggering from external keyboards rather than the K’s own. I would have like to have had a few user patterns for some more flexibility but as it stands it’s fine.

I have to admit that I’ve grown quite fond of the K-Station while it’s been in my studio. When it’s around I just can’t stop nipping over to it and trying something out. When working on a tune I’ve found my self reaching for it first - it’s just so handy and fits on top of my rack which is close to hand.

Analogue die-hards may say that it doesn’t have has a strong character like a Jupiter 6 or an MS-20 – and I would have to agree to a point. But then again, you have to look at the facilities it offers at the price – quite a breakthrough. I didn’t find the lack of multi-timbrality a problem, in fact it encouraged me to play it like an instrument (or to try!) rather than use it solely as a sound source.

Sound wise the K sits easily into a track and can give you oodles of bottom end should you require it. Many sounds respond well to velocity and make you want to play with expression. It can do fat and squelchy basses, luscious pads, massive grungy tones and trance-tastic super lines making good use of the built in effects.

The K-Station gives you excellent 8 voice analogue-style synthesis, offering incredible value for money, with plenty of control it’s a hands-on tweak-fest of a synth with external input processing, effects and total MIDI control.

If you want my advice and you have a few hundred quid (or dollars) to spend and want something to inspire you then my advice is to buy one – you won’t be disappointed.

The K-Station List: £499.99 / $899 Deal @
Current OS version 1.0.09 with 1.1 available soon
(downloadable from Novation)

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