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In-depth Feature:  Novation K-Station
Offering incredible value for money with plenty of control, it’s a hands-on tweak-fest of a synth
Nick B writes: .

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tweak /twi k/ verb, noun
  • verb [vn]
    1 to make slight changes to a machine, system, etc. to improve it:

    I was looking for some alternative words as I fully expected to be using the above on many occasions during this review and I was right. There’s not much you can say about the K-Station without needing to use the T word….

    Novation have expanded the Station range with both the A-Station and K-Station and given the Drum Station a facelift to fit in with the new line. Last year the A-Station caused a stir with it’s analogue power. Crammed into 1 unit and somewhat similar - in size anyway - to the popular though monophonic Super Bass Station, it was a hit. However, one of the traditional delights of analog is the ability to quickly edit sounds in real-time, which of course you can do with the A – if your rack is at optimum tweak height and you have skinny fingers.

    Enter the K-Station:
    Novation’s newest baby brings the luxury of a fully featured knob (24), slider (4) and button (28) encrusted control surface. Quite simply, the K-Station was born to be fondled and responds accordingly. The K-Station features a full size keys, 2-octave (25 key) keyboard, which some may feel is a little small given that it has 8-note polyphony – try playing an eight note chord in two octaves! Not all parameters have dedicated controls but Novation have chosen well with deeper access quickly available via menu/program key combinations. I have to say that Novation are to be applauded here for an intuitive operating system – I have in the past been a little frustrated by the fiddly operation of my trusty Super Bass Station especially when attempting to save patches.

    The K is solidly built with a reassuring weight of 4kg – in practice this means aggressive knob twirling won’t have it sliding across the table. Its size, as is often the case nowadays is compact and extremely portable, though sadly this means an external power supply. I guess cramming that internally just wasn’t possible.

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