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In-depth Feature:  M-Audio DELTA 1010LT
Andy Mac writes: .

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On a ‘bang-for-buck’ basis, the Delta 1010LT is pretty hard to beat. For a very modest sum, you get plenty of input & outputs; balanced line ins; onboard mic amps - and we haven’t even mentioned the MIDI input and output capabilities – you don’t need a separate device with this soundcard.

In fact, what with both S/PDIF and Word Clock i/o, and a comprehensive digital mixing section built in, there’s not much else you need apart from software to turn your computer into a pretty capable recording studio – and they throw in a pile of pile of that for good measure too.

Also in the box is a copy of Gigasampler LE, and third CD enticingly called ‘Maximum Audio Tools’, which boasts Unity Piano, AcidExpress and a whole slew of demo software from Antares, Propellerheads, IK Multimedia and many more. In a recent anouncement, M-audio now include Emagic's Logic Delta in the 1010LT bundle.

For the more computer-phobic amongst us, I’d say this card may be a little daunting to set up and iron out it’s little foibles, but for those confident with tweaking their system, it offers good performance and great value for money.

So, despite a few little hiccups, overall, I have to say it’s a winner.

Delta 1010LT list price $499.95/ £399.99

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