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In-depth Feature:  M-Audio DELTA 1010LT
Andy Mac writes: .

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Set The Controls cntd...
The Hardware Settings page [Fig.3] is where the fun stuff happens – you can select Clock, Codec and S/PDIF Sample Rates; in the ‘Master Clock’ section you’ll spot a Word Clock option, which is an addition to the Delta 410 functions. There is also a software ‘fader’ control of all hardware I/Os – alternatively, you can use presets for +4dB, -10dB or ‘Consumer’. In the latest version of Control Panel, the DMA Buffer Size expresses latency in samples rather than in milliseconds; there are 12 choices from 64 to 2688 samples – a pop-up gives you a millisecond approximation at different sample rates.

Finally the S/PDIF page [Figs.4&5] lets you select between Consumer and Professional formats, with related Advanced settings covering copy protection and emphasis.

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    09-May-08 01:23 AM

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