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In-depth Feature:  EMU Proteus 2000
Albert Potts writes: .

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The two onboard FX processors are useable, but only that. They will get you through the gig without needing an external processing box, but are limited in their flexibility. In multimode, whatever effect is on channel one is the effect that all the others use, unless you route the sound to one of the other audio outputs and use an external effect processor on it. Most of the time I just turn the effects off and use external processors. Seems like Emu could improve the usability of the effects, but most synths have the same issues of limited effects in multimode.

Midi + Modulation
External midi control of parameters is extensive. The P2k has 17 Morpheus style Z-Plane filters. The internal modulation routing is truly elaborate. Using what Emu calls patchcords very complex modulation editing can be achieved. The Proteus 2000 is equally useful as a simple preset box or as a highly editable synthesizer. I actually enjoy editing this thing, and feel that an easy to use interface like this encourages experimentation.

The Proteus 2000 is a tremendously useful synth that I think will serve many musicians quite well. It’s important to make sure that the internal sounds are what you need, or that a sound card is available for the sounds you want. In the future, Emu E4 sampler owners will be able to burn their own 32 meg flash-ROMs for use in the Proteus 2000.

I can see Emu selling stacks of P2ks for use as custom sample playback machines. The P2k has already proven itself indispensable in both my studio and gig racks. Its wide selection of sounds has been a life-saver (and gig saver!). Whenever I've been asked to come up with a different sound or make an edit on the one I'm using, the solution has been only moments away thanks to the big sound selection and easy editing. My only hassle with the Proteus 2000 is constantly moving it between racks so I can have it with me at all times!

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