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In-depth Feature:  EMU Proteus 2000
The P2k has already proven itself indispensable in both my studio and gig racks. Its wide selection of sounds has been a life-saver (and gig saver!).
Albert Potts writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Hardware
  • The Sounds
  • In Use
  • Effects
  • Midi + Modulation
  • ROM Cards
  • Conclusion .

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    Emu's Proteus 2000 is a one rack space ROMpler synthesizer. It ships with the 32 meg Composer soundcard standard and will accept three additional expansion sound cards or Flash-ROM cards allowing up to 128 meg of internal sample ROM. It has over 1,000 patches in ROM plus 512 patches slots for user edits. It also has an onboard search function for finding patches quickly and sports extensive filtering and patch editing capabilities.

    The front panel is laid out logically and is easy to understand. From left to right the layout is:

  • Headphone Jack
  • Control Button
  • Volume Control
  • Four Realtime Control Knobs
  • Two line LCD display
  • Master Menu
  • Edit Menu
  • Audition Button
  • Multimode Button
  • Save/Copy
  • Home/Enter
  • Cursor Left/ Right
  • Data/Entry Wheel
  • Power Switch

    The four Realtime Control Knobs used in conjunction with the Control Button give realtime control over the following parameters:

  • Tone
  • Presence
  • Shape
  • Image
  • Attack
  • Decay
  • Movement
  • Rate
  • Dynamic 1, Dynamic 2
  • FX/A, FX/B

    In short, I was able to get the hang of using the Proteus 2000 without touching the manual.

    The rear panel has two midi ins, A and B, allowing 32 channel midi operation. Both A and B have a midi thru, while the midi out is on A only. Emu has stuck with their familiar three pairs of stereo outs. Output pairs 2 and 3 can be used with send/return cables to route internal sounds out to an effects processor and then back again. The returned signal is sent directly to the Master output and summed with that signal. Also on the back panel is an RCA digital output connector, switchable between SPDIF and AES pro formats. The Proteus 2000 has an internal power supply.

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