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In-depth Feature:  Kenton Control Freak Live
Nick B writes: .

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New OS
With the release of the Control Freak Live, Kenton have implemented several new features for the entire Control Freak series. New functions below
  1. Soft Thru on/off
    Soft Thru, previously always on, can now be turned off.
  2. Control Channel
    Buttons pressed and programs selected remotely by MIDI.
  3. Erase Program
    An erase program facility has been added to the menu after the “Copy Program” menu entry. This can be used to erase one program only, or many programs (or all – if you want!)
  4. Delete to end of line
    When you are editing names or data, you can use to delete from the current cursor position to the end of the line.
  5. Scene Memory
    You can now store 256 scenes in the Freak. A scene records the position of all faders/knobs plus the number of the program current at that time.

All new Control Freaks ship with these features as standard. Existing users with older models of Freak Studio or Original can order a firmware upgrade from Kenton for £15.00 + VAT (around $22 US).

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