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In-depth Feature:  Kenton Control Freak Live
Nick B writes: .

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What can I say? You plug it in and off you go. I configured mine to run inline with the keyboard on my desktop. The Freak Live, as with the Freak Studio and Original, has a soft MIDI thru function allowing you to merge the incoming keyboard data with the output of the unit. With the new firmware update the Freak Live has the ability to switch this function off should you so desire.

Setup + Editing
I won’t go over old ground covered in Rob G’s excellent review of the Control Freak Studio describing editing functions and set up of custom mappings but I would like to add that while the system is pretty simple to operate, I found it mildly infuriating to have to store each knob/button parameter change as you go rather than tweak a whole setup then store that. A larger edit buffer would do wonders for the operation of the unit. On the plus side, it’s not something that you’ll be doing on a daily basis – once you’ve set the Freak up for your particular system you’ll not need to do it again until you add new software, synths or whatever. The learn function really is a killer – no need for inputting strings of Hexadecimal codes, just wiggle the destination parameter, route the resulting MIDI to the input of the Freak and you’re off!

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