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In-depth Feature:  Midiman Oxygen 8
Nick B writes: .

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This is a useful unit – even if you don’t use the midi interface, the Oxygen 8 can add a lot to your system allowing real-time control of much of your soft and hardware. If you’re using this with a laptop power can be supplied via the USB bus and you get a MIDI interface too very handy for sneaking away and writing in the woods.

I do have misgivings about the installation for the MIDI interface side of this unit – however as I said earlier it does cry out to be tweaked and that’s exactly what you can do. Granted, the keyboard size will not suit for all applications, but for beats, bassline and synth programming it’s perfect. Mind you, there’s no slot for putting my pens in. (Careful with the spelling –ed.)

Oxygen 8 retails at $179 with a street price of $139 and is available through most dealers.

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