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In-depth Feature:  Midiman Oxygen 8
Nick B writes: .

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Sadly I can't say too many great things about the installation of the Oxygen 8 midi drivers. On my Win2000 machine it took several tries and downloading of newer drivers to get Win2000 to recognize it ā€“ not quite the Plug and Play experience Iā€™d hoped for. I know I had an early release of the software so I do hope that will be a lot easier with the current version for the PC.

I also attempted to install the Oxygen 8 on my Mac - This was a little more successful ā€“ again after downloading the latest driver to get OMS to recognize the device properly. I never did get Logic to see it as an input or an output using the OMS drivers though.

Of course, this is only an issue if you want to use the USB midi interface - I ended up just using USB to power the Oxygen 8 (you can switch between batteries, USB powered or power supply), plugging the Oxygen 8 into my MIDI interface for use in the studio.

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