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In-depth Feature:  Aura - Two No.1s and Counting
Don't settle until you have some tracks that honestly move your ass.
Nick B writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Intro
  • Success
  • The Gear
  • What and Why
  • Sounds + Software
  • Top Tips + Mixing .

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    Aura must be doing something right.With ”Destination Skyline” ” from the CD of the same name, currently ranked no.1 in both the Electronic and Dance charts at MP3.COM and several other tunes also charting, their brand of classic Euro Trance uses snappy arrangements and no-nonsense, straight to the point instrumentation. Core members Erik Skåpdal and Christian Röhss both 20, talk to SONICSTATE about their journey.

    SS: What do you attribute your success?
    A decent mixture of good music in a genre that's constantly growing. Long presence on the web (5 years) with a large fan base. Good management on, nice graphic, schoosing the right time for buying promotions etc...

    SS: When you say promotions, what do you mean?
    I mean banners which appear on the top40 lists on

    We have bought two banners, with 6 months between. We tried to schedule them so that we had a lot of new songs, that helped to get more people interested. We’ve not tried any new banners or payola things the last five months - the visitors just keep on coming right now... which is very satisfying.

    SS: What has that success changed?
    I think we are in the middle of something right now but we can’t say too much about it at the moment.

    Our contacts with the right people and from labels are increasing every day. We even seem to be influencing other artists, some are actually imitating us which we think is kind of funny =)

    Currently the income we have from music are invested in new gear and food. If we look forward right know have pretty hard to imagine us living on our musical income, but our ultimate goal his to have a custom built studio on the beach in some warm country .....

    SS: And in Sweden, any success there?
    Nope, our biggest success is concentrated to the web.

    SS: Do you have a regular record contract?
    Yes, with our new project Dynamic

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