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In-depth Feature:  TC|Works Powercore 1.5
Rob G writes: .

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Unusually for the PC, the recommended installation technique is to install the software first and then install the card. I installed the card in 2 PC's with no problems, although as the card is a full-length PC card you may want to check the available space inside your PC to ensure it's possible to fit the card without obstructions on the board such as CPU fans etc. - on one of the PCs used for testing, only one of the four available slots had sufficient space for the card. This may also prevent installing more than one Powercore to supply more DSP acceleration.

The card comes supplied with VST plug-ins suitable for use with Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Audio and other VST compatible applications. No Direct X drivers are supplied, which seems a shame as it excludes the possibility of using the card with some other audio applications such as Sonic Foundry's Acid.
However, there are a few applications designed to allow the use of VST plug-ins within the DirectX environment:
fxpansion - VST to DirectX Adapters
Spinaudio - VST-DX Wrapper
Kirill Katsnelson – DirectiXer

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