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In-depth Feature:  TC|Works Powercore 1.5
Now available for PC,the supplied tools alone justify the cost of the card
Rob G writes: .

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TC Powercore has been available for the Mac for a while now (see our review of V1.0), but the release of software version 1.5 makes this DSP audio accelerator available for the PC as well as bringing several new plug-ins to the system. The card includes 4 Motorola 56362 DSPs and a Motorola PowerPC(tm) CPU used to provide floating-point processing and interface with the host PC.

The card supplies a range of audio effects, including the Voice StripTC VoiceStrip - a complete channel strip for voice sound processing (lo cut, gate, DeEsser, EQ, saturation and compressor), Vintage CLTC VintageCL - emulating a vintage analogue compressor/limiter, TC Megaverb - an extremely high-quality reverb, TC ChorusDelay - unsurprisingly a chorus/delay combination and TC Compensator and TC EqSat - an equalisation/saturation tool.

Until March, MasterX3, a version of the industry-standard Finalizer mastering processor, is included. Unlike the Mac version, however, Sparkle - the realtime mastering application - is not included, so the card requires additional or third-party audio applications to be useful in that area. Practically this is not too much of a limit, as most potential users will already have some realtime mastering software.

Powercore O1With version 1.5, TC have introduced TC Instruments, allowing TC and other software vendors to create VST Instrument compatible soft synths, further expanding the card's horizons. The first of these, TC Powercore 01, a virtual monophonic analogue synth, should be available in early Feb 2002. A number of software and hardware vendors (Sony, Access, Waldorf and Emagic) have committed to developing third-party plug-ins and instruments for the card, as well as further developments by TC themselves, so more plug-ins should be available over time.

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