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In-depth Feature:  Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
Nick B writes: .

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Recording Parameter Tweaks
One very powerful feature is the ability to record individual parameter settings for each voice to a specific location in the bar. You access these 'parameter locks' from the extended mode and can record them in both grid and record modes.

For instance, if you have a hi-hat part on the 16ths (example 1)and you want to give it a little more feel, you can turn down the even hits (2,4,6,8 etc) to simulate the effect of a real drummer (example 2). (a06,a07,A08) Or to change the sound of the clap on beat 4, tweak several voice parameters (example 3). Or you can record FX send levels for each drum to give a dub sequence some life.

Given the number of parameters the possibilities are endless. Parameters can be recorded both in grid mode and more effectively, in real-time record. To erase a move, just hold down the parameter and the no/exit button. This function gives you the chance to really jam with the SPS-1 and makes it very powerful indeed.

Come Down My Effector
The SPS-1 has several ways to effect the signals. The first is at voice level, selecting effects mode assigns the 8 knobs to control:

  • Amplitude modulation
  • One band parametric EQ
  • Lo and Hi-pass filter with Q
  • Sample Rate Reducer (SRR)

    There?s even more tucked away in the Routing page.

  • Distortion
  • Volume
  • Panning
  • Delay ? parameters in the master FX section
  • Reverb ? same as above.

    If that weren?t enough, there?s a built in master EQ and dynamics processor ? which can give a pumpin? compression at the stereo outputs. compressed pattern

    All these parameters are saved with each kit.

    In this world of advanced sequencing and given the current trend for high quantize values etc, some may find classic pattern method of programming a little weird to adjust to. However, with a little perseverance, you can achieve the same results as you can on computer based system.

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