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In-depth Feature:  Kenton Control Freak Studio
Rob G writes: .

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The major use of a MIDI controller, however, is setting up your own configurations to control your own set of equipment. The real test of a unit like this is how easy it is to get the thing working with your own particular set-up. This is where the Control Freak shines.

The slider/button to be edited can be selected by moving or pressing it. Pressing "Edit" then moves into Edit mode.

Within Edit mode it is possible to change the MIDI data transmitted when any slider, button or function key is pressed. Buttons and function keys can be set to work as toggles (sending one MIDI string for an "on" press, and another for an "off" press), or as function-style keys, where each press sends the same MIDI data.

Complex MIDI strings can be built up through the menu system, as any sequence of MIDI messages. For each type of message, the system prompts for the required parameters. Additional commands can be included that act on the Control Freak itself, such as selecting another program. Editing MIDI strings in this way is a bit of a chore, but reflects the complexity of the underlying process, so may be expected from any similar device.

Slider data can be inverted so that down is up and vice-versa – particularly useful for applications such as Native Instruments’ B4 where you have drawbars.

The quickest way of setting up controller assignments, however, is Learn mode. When editing data for a slider, button or function key, pressing Learn enters Learn mode. In Learn mode the Control Freak waits for incoming MIDI data and uses that to "guess" how to assign the message. Pressing Learn again allows checking or further editing the received data. Learn function can even be used to learn SysEx data!

The program as a whole may also be assigned a name, and has its own parameters - such as the MIDI channel it uses (the global channel or a specific MIDI channel), the set-up of input jacks

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