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In-depth Feature:  Absynth
Bruno writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Ease of Use 50% .
Sonic Sweetness 91% .
Tweakability 100% .
Does the Job 66% .
Overall Rating 76% We were highly impressed with this software..
Sixth Sense 83% .
Overall:   78% Good piece of kit

At approximately £160 ($299 list) ABSYNTH may not be the cheapest soft synth around but what it offers in features and quality is over and above that of its peers. Native-Instruments lead the way in sequencer support, offering Protools and Digital Performer versions as standard, VST may be the most widely used platform but professionally, many audio engineers run Protools or Logic under DAE or make use of the MOTU System. Offering support for all platforms makes NI a market leader.

I wouldn't describe ABSYNTH as a bargain but for those of you not scared to get your hands dirty a wealth of potential makes for a product worth its asking price.

The nearest competitors are the Clavia Nord Micro Modular and Native-Instruments own Dynamo and Reaktor packages. Dynamo is the cheapest of these and although featuring great sound quality and a modular environment is not really as versatile an option. Both Reaktor and the Nord are considerably more expensive so perhaps are not really competitors at all.

Overall, the one thing that makes ABSYNTH unique is its complex Envelope Generator; 12 envelopes with 68 break-points each, allow very specific control over your patches, this is where you will spend most of your programming time and also where you’ll reap the rewards, with results unlike any you have heard.

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