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In-depth Feature:  Absynth
Bruno writes: .

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In Use
For me a tool is only suitable if its interface doesn't get in the way of the job in hand, creating music. Although ABSYNTH is complex to program if you are prepared to put in the effort, the results can be spectacular, just flipping through the presets gives you a flavour of this – those guys must’ve really got into this synth.

Since first getting ABSYNTH, it’s been used on projects for New Order, Peter Gabriel and most recently Paul Oakenfold, each time a comment is made relating to its incredible sound, like a Nord synth or old Roland JP it has a distinct quality which sits well in a mix.

The great plus point in this category is the ease at which ABSYNTH integrates with existing software. I have tested it using Protools running both on a TDM system and native via DIGI 001, and in VST plug-in mode from within Logic Audio.

With Protools it couldn't be simpler, the standalone application receives midi via OMS or FreeMidi and audio is streamed into the mixing environment using Direct Connect. A new version of Direct Connect is available free from Digidesign which allows reduced latency under Protools version 5.1.1, although processor intensive, it enables virtually zero latency.

Main Interface Screen ABSYNTH however comes into it's own when used as a VST plug-in with Logic Audio or Cubase VST, up to 8 instances can be used at once with surprisingly little processor strain. The audio is routed via an Absynth Engine, which launches automatically when plugged in and midi runs like any other virtual instrument.

The range of sounds means ABSYNTH is incredibly versatile and should find a home in most of your sonic creations. As I mentioned earlier the interface is not traditional, but bear with it and you will not be disappointed.

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