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In-depth Feature:  Absynth
Bruno writes: .

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The sound of ABSYNTH is undeniably one of it's strongest selling points. This synth has a clear and solid quality with huge depth of bottom end and crisp highs which compared to even such mighty brutes as the Access/Digidesign VIRUS plug-in puts ABSYNTH in a league of its own, like Michael Owen in an England v Germany world cup qualifier (UK soccer reference, score 5-1 to England –Ed).

A lot of soft synths can stutter and complain when moving parameters in real-time, not so ABSYNTH. One of it’s most impressive qualities is the smoothness of the audio when adjusting values in real-time. Assign your midi controllers to any continuous parameter and jam away with no concern about unwanted digital interference. It should be mentioned here that this will only be the case when using the minimum specs. (see specs)

Very few soft synths can boast this ability, making ABSYNTH on a suitably equipped laptop a viable live performance tool.


Tweakability is something ABSYNTH excels at although not in the traditional sense, if, like me, you wish only to see only filter, resonance and a handful of envelope controls for your enjoyment you may be disappointed at first, because with ABSYNTH you really can tweak everything.

Absynth Effects

The main patch window has twelve visible modules, 3 oscillators (single or double), 4 filters (one per oscillator and one master, each with 8 filter types), 3 mods (1 per oscillator), a waveshape for non-linear distortion effects and an overall effect module with a host of delay-based effects.

The sheer variety of sounds available is incredible, if somewhat overwhelming and a certain amount of patience is required to achieve your desired results, but within ABSYNTH there is something more, putting the effort in really does pay off, enabling you to create sounds unlike those available from any other synth.

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