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In-depth Feature:  Recycle 2.0
Recycle 2.0 - Loop Processor
Rob G writes: .

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Recycle On a Mac
I'm a big fan of recyle - I've been using it in conjunction with my SampleCell II card for quite sometime. It just suits the way I work. I've been looking forward to trying out V2.0. Propellerheads have not disappointed.

Installation on the Mac was a piece of cake. The first time you launch Recycle it scans your SCSI busses to see if there any samplers attatched - which is a nice touch. You can rescan at any time should you need to.

The program still does what it used to (but more elegantly) and more besides. All the additional functions have real world applications. Although it would be nice to apply the processes in any order you choose - eg: you might want to apply the HPF before gating or runnng the transient shaper.

As far as the results go - it does exactly as you would expect - instruments can be exported to SampleCell format an then loaded with no fuss - I suppose it would be nice to have Recycle automatically launch and load the instrument as an option but it's not a big gripe.

All in all, top marks from this mac user

Demo File
To demonstrate the processing functions of Recycle 2.0, we took a simple stereo drum loop@104bpm from the Keith Le Blanc Sample CD KLB vol 2, imported it into Recycle 2.0, and exported the results to SampleCell format.

  • First bar: Straight loop
  • Second bar: with tight gate applied - cuts the ambience right down
  • Third bar: Transient Shaper in full effect.

  • Listen here [mp3] [WAV] 1.2mb

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