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In-depth Feature:  Recycle 2.0
Recycle 2.0 - Loop Processor
Rob G writes: .

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What's New In 2.0
Here is a list of the most important changes in ReCycle 2.0 from ReCycle 1.7:

  • Support for stereo files.
    You can open stereo audio files and import stereo files from a hardware sampler and then save/export them as stereo after slicing them.
  • Preview listening.
    You can now listen to the loop at new tempo and pitch settings.
  • Realtime effects.
    Effects to tweak the sound of your loops:
    1. Envelope. A stretch feature was included in previsou versions too, but this time it has an attack and decay setting too.
    2. Transient shaper. This is a compression utility that trigs it's gain reduction on each slice. Perfect to get more snappiness from your loops.
    3. EQ. All the bass you want. Or not want. ReCycle's EQ has a Hi-cut, a lo-cut and two parametric filters.
  • Support for new samplers.
    AKAI S-5000/6000 and all SMDI capable samplers are now supported.
  • Move slices
    You can now move the slices you have added manually.
  • Support for REX2
    ReCycle 2.0 uses the REX2 format as it's native save format. REX2 files can be played in programs such as Reason and Cubase. The format also has a 50% non lossy compression.

Wrapping Up
When ReCycle was first launched, it revolutionized the process of loop production. With ReCycle 2.0, Propellerhead have managed to improve drastically on an already great product. Although the updated user-interface and improvements to slice-detection and basic operation, and the addition of new samplers and file formats are welcome, by far the most significant new feature is the preview mode. This really does re-revolutionize the creation of loops, actually making the process fun again. With this release, it really does seem that ReCycle becomes a compelling purchase once again.

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