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In-depth Feature:  Recycle 2.0
Recycle 2.0 - Loop Processor
Rob G writes: .

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Preview Mode
The most exciting feature of ReCycle 2.0 is preview mode. Finally, you can review the effect of your various changes while the sound is playing - Propellerhead refer to this in the manuals as "What You Hear Is What You Get". In preview mode, what you hear is exactly what will be transmitted to a sampler or saved to a file. To use preview mode, the sample should already have been prepared as a loop, as described in basic operation, then click the "Preview Toggle" on the main toolbar (to the left of the "Stop" tool), and previewing can begin. In this mode, the tempo of the loop can be changed and effects adjusted while the loop is playing - and the effect will be heard immediately.

The first set of controls active in preview mode are positioned to the right of the sensitivity slider. Tempo should be familiar - it allows setting the tempo of the samples and MIDI file or audio files created. Also provided are:

  • A  Gain control, for adjusting the level of output material.
  • A Pitch control, for changing the pitch of the loop by up to 2 octaves.
  • A Gate Sensitivity control - acting as a noise gate triggered at the start of every slice and closing for when the level falls below the specified level.

The effects are shown on separate panels - Envelope, Transient Shaper and EQ - that can be shown or hidden separately. Each can be enabled separately, and has a number or presets (no user presets can be created unfortunately). 

The Envelope panel sports the familiar Stretch parameter - used to add tails to slices that will be used at a lower tempo, but adds an Attack and Decay control to give control over the dynamics of the slices. The Transient Shaper panel is used to apply a slice-aware envelope driven compression to the slices. It works similarly to a compressor, but resets the gate to open at the start of each slice. Both the Envelope and Transient Shaper work best with well-constructed loops, so effort up front is rewarded here.

The Equalizer panel is used to cut or boost selected frequencies in the audio. Lo Cut, Hi Cut, and two parametrics with frequency, gain and Q controls are provided.

All the effects work well, although the quality of preview obviously depends heavily on system capabilities. When the loop is transmitted to a sampler or exported to a file all the changes to tempo, pitch and effects settings are applied - so the quality will be that of the relevant output. The ability to preview really makes this kind of manipulation easy, and the effects included are well adapted to use in loop preparation.  The difference all this makes to ease of use and enjoyment when using ReCycle is hard to understate.

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