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In-depth Feature:  Recycle 2.0
Recycle 2.0 - Loop Processor
Rob G writes: .

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Basic Operation
For existing users, the first thing that strikes you is the new user-interface. While the basic appearance is the same, more tools are available (see ReCycle Main Window), and the program now supports stereo audio files and sampler formats. 

Basic editing functionality of ReCycle remains unchanged, so will only be discussed briefly. Open an audio file, or upload audio from a sampler, adjust the Sensitivity slider and slices are detected for each individual sound in the file. Slice detection has improved, but generally still needs some tweaking - performed with tools to mute slice points (effectively merging a slice with the following slice), lock slice points so they remain even if sensitivity is adjusted downwards, and manually add slices. Finally, use the left and right locator to the beginning and end of a loop.

Having prepared the loop, the length of the loop can be specified in bars and beats using the main toolbar. ReCycle will automatically calculate the tempo of the loop (displayed as Original Tempo). In the simplest mode of operation, this is all you need to do - select an installed sampler from the Sampler menu, then "Transmit to..." to transmit the slices to the sampler as samples assigned to individual keys. In addition to the sample dump, a MIDI file is created that can be used from a MIDI sequencer to play back the loop. Once in a sequencer, the MIDI file may be edited to adjust the loop, create fills, or whatever fires your imagination.

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