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In-depth Feature:  Yamaha DX200
Trevor Curwen writes:
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    A groove boxes go the DX200 is a great little machine both for composition and live performance but that is overshadowed by the fact that it is an excellent source of FM sounds that are easily accessible and editable. Regardless of its status as a groove box many users will be happy just to link it up to their sequencer package and use it as a sound module - make no mistake this is an extremely powerful synth that has loads of applications, all the creative potential of a DX7 and more has been unleashed in this little box. Just using the physical knobs gives you tremendous variations in sound, but the icing on the cake has to be the excellent software editor which gives access right to the very heart of FM synthesis. Yamaha have really hit the spot with this one, partner it with the AN200 virtual analogue synth and you will have a desktop synthesis system of great versatility.

    The DX200 has a list price of $629.95

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