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In-depth Feature:  Yamaha DX200
The DX200 has awesome capability in creating FM synth sounds
Trevor Curwen writes:
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    Many of you will have no doubt heard the apocryphal tale relating how something like 99% of all the DX7's returned to Yamaha's service department had all their presets intact with nary a tweak carried out. Now, the more charitable among us might point out that the presets were so wonderful that there was little point in writing your own, but the truth of the matter is that the thing was such a pig to program that most gave up in despair and just used the presets. Endless rows of buttons, a data entry slider and a tiny screen do not a user-friendly synth make, but give it a bunch of knobs and a software editor and you're sorted. That's just what Yamaha have done with the new DX200 - FM synthesis gets a makeover and not before time.

    The DX200 is, in fact, one of the Yamaha desktop Loop Factory range alongside the SU200 and AN200 so as well as being a 16 voice polyphonic source of FM sounds it's also got a four-track 16-step pattern sequencer that can run three tracks of the onboard sample-based drum/percussion sounds alongside the synth track, plus effects and a whole bunch of performance tricks.

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