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In-depth Feature:  Yamaha AN200
Bruno writes: .

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The AN200 is certainly a rewarding instrument, creatively more flexible than the Korg and sonically more interesting than the Roland. For a DJ wishing to add live grooves to their set it is a useable tool offering great results. As part of a larger set-up the AN200 is a valuable source of inspiration; we have all trawled through vast sample libraries searching for just the right groove to enhance or make a track, for this I find the AN200 quick and adaptable. It is limited by the small selection of drum sounds, but the ones there are punchy and versatile, the synth has both a hard quality and the ability to provide warm pad sounds suitable for many uses. Couple this with the editing facilities and you have an impressive and contemporary sounding synth which will rapidly gain the interest it deserves.

Pricing: The AN200 is priced at $629.99 (£449.99)

Street Price:
zZounds(USA Only)
Piedog UK + Europe

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