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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments Spektral Delay
Fat Elvis writes: .

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The Spektral Delay comes shipped with banks full of factory presets and just listening to these (and watching the moving graphics as the LFO does it's work) while inputting various sounds shows off its enormous potential and gives you ideas for creating your own sounds. It is capable of some real off the wall sonic strangling but also some tasteful adjustments that could be used as correctional measures to bring a wayward signal back in line, the wet/dry control letting you add in as much effect as you need. This is a program that is tailor-made for creating some interesting ear candy in a mix, and for anyone who works with rhythm loops, the SD will be a great asset, with all manner of rhythmic variations and transformations being possible using the quantise grid in sync with the host sequencer.

Wrapping Up
The natural conclusion after spending some time with the Spektral Delay is that it is a powerful weapon in anyone's sonic armoury, capable of creating some mesmerising sounds. It is a quick and intuitive tool that can run the whole range from adding a subtle tweak to complete transformation of the input signal into an alien soundscape.

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